Catherine Leary - Holistic and Complementary Therapy Practitioner in West Cumbria


Hi, I am Catherine Leary, I have lived and worked in West Cumbria all my life.

I am married to Martin and we have twin daughters.

I have studied Holistic Therapies since 1997 after turning to them for help with my own health.

I first came across Indian head massage while on holiday in Malaysia and found it very beneficial. When back home I had regular Reiki and massages with aromatherapy to help with general health. During pregnancy I turned to homeopathy and essences as I couldn’t use my usual medication.

I first considered holistic therapies as a toolkit for my own health, then with years of studying and experience I now use them for others too.

I am fascinated by the body’s ability to heal itself when consideration is made by looking into the depth of cause.

Catherine Leary - Holistic and Complementary Therapy Practitioner


  • Member of the Lakeland College of Homeopathy (M.L.C.Hom)
  • Member of the Therapeutic Shamanism Practitioner Register (M.T.S.P.R.)
  • Member of Complementary Therapists Association (CThA)


  • (2002) – Indian Head Massage Diploma
  • (2002-2005) – Reiki – Level One (2002) – Level Two (2002) – Advanced (2003) – Master (2005)
  • (2002) – Crystal Therapy – Level One & Two
  • (2005) – Homeopathy
  • (2006) – Essences (Vibration Healing Alaskan Gigha Project)
  • (2012) – Therapeutic Shamanism Practitioner

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